Concerning our authorized  background Credit Report investigation in Stuart

By submitting your completed Submission Form  on the next page to this agency, you authorize the charge of a one time non-refundable $14.95 (our fee) for our submission to Experian and providing that report to you concerning the authorized Credit Report in Stuart.  

Lets get started obtaining the person's Credit Report

A person's Credit Report is protected and only releasable under rules of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

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It's now simple to obtain another person's Credit Report in Stuart.  A Credit Check through Experian to obtain another person's Credit Report with our assistance is Easy, Legal, and Secure!  It can be part of your and our comprehensive background investigation in Stuart.

There are a couple of steps to the process to begin Credit Report in Stuart.

To get started, as the person's permission is required to obtain their Credit Report,  you should inform that person Detective Glenn Cooper of Cooper & Hutchinson Professional Detectives LLC, as your agent, will be contacting Experian by secure Email and in turn Experian will be contacting them by Email to proceed with the release of his or her Credit Report to us and only us.  You must obtain the person's full name and Email address and forward it to this agency to begin the background Investigation in Stuart.  That's it.  No signed release is required at this point.

With that person's name and email address, we log into our Experian account and notify Experian of the requested subject's Credit Report.  Experian will Email the person our (your) request for their Credit Check/Report.   After the person creates their simple account with Experian and accepts our (your) request asking for their Credit Report, we will receive an email notification from Experian the person's  credit report is ready for our viewing.  Experian will assist them as needed and the process will assure the release is authorized which will include a $14.95 charge on person's credit card as a method of proof concerning their true identify and authorization which is also Experian's processing fee.

After receiving an Email notification the Credit Report is processed,   we simply login and click "View Report".​    We will then send you a complete copy by Email as the person initially authorized.  Done!

Your may call us or use our submission form to begin the process.  JUST FILL OUT OUR FORM. We take care of the rest.   While Experian directly charges the person $14.95 to process the request and release of their Credit Report, we charge you, our client, the same fee for our time and effort on your behalf.   Just click the TO FORM button below to be taken to our On-line submission form.  Complete the form and submit... your done.