Cooper & Hutchinson Professional Detectives in Stuart is a professional and experienced private detective agency.  Detective Cooper has been in the law enforcement and the private detective field for 40 years.   Detective Sindi Garns for 22 years.

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Detective Sindi Garns:

-  1995 Graduate from the  Florida Law Enforcement


- 1995 Joined the St. Lucie County, Florida Sheriff's Office

-  2003 Assigned as a Sheriff's Office Detective

- 2006 Assigned  to the Multi-Department Detective

                Task Force / Surveillance & Undercover Tracking

​- Has worked with the DEA on investigations

​- Has successfully investigated Murder, Sex Crimes,

                Robbery and Theft​ 

- Qualified and obtained Florida P.I. License # C1700297

Cooper & Hutchinson Professional Detectives in Stuart

The Detectives

    Professional Private Detective Agency  



Detective Glenn Cooper: 

- 1974  Graduated from the Connecticut Police Academy
- 1980  FBI School in Fingerprint Classification
- 1982  Sirchie Labs - Crime Scene Investigation
- 1983  Fairfield County Detective School
- 1983  State's Attorney's Law Enforcement Training Program
- 1984  Crime Scene - Evidence Tech Training by Dr. H. Lee 
- 1984  FBI School in Advanced Latent Fingerprinting
- 1984 DEA School in Dangerous Drug Investigation
- 1985 FBI  School in Basic Death Investigation
- 1990  Founded the Glenn J. Cooper Detective Agency, Inc

Mr. Cooper was often retained by the State of

Connecticut on Special Investigations
- 2002  Appointed Deputy Sheriff in the State of Florida
- 2014 Retired from Sheriff's Office         

- Qualified and obtained Florida P.I. License # C​1400549