Our Florida Criminal Record Search is a statewide check of all Police agencies in  the state. Current and up to date.   Same day submission and response by Email that will include a hardcopy of the results.  Submit by telephone to us or at this website via direct form submission.  All we need is the subject's NAME & DATE OF BIRTH and INCLUDE A MAIDEN NAME IF APPLICABLE.  Your prepayment is required.  You will be provided a regular hard copy record check response unless you specifically request a certified copy.  If you require a certified copy of the criminal record check results concerning your request,  our correspondence with authorities must be done by U.S. Mail and will not be available within 24 hours. 

For our web submission, please click the SUBMISSION BUTTON at the bottom of this page which will take you to the agency's DIRECT SUBMISSION FORM.   Just fill out the form and again click the SUBMIT BUTTON at the bottom of that form.  We'll get right on it!  Below is what will be required for submission.

#1 - Subject's Complete Name   /   Subject's Date of Birth    (Verify as you are responsible for proper spelling and dob submission info).

# 2 - Your Name / Your Complete Address / Telephone Number / Note: Your  information must be the same as associated with the Credit/Debit Card.

          If paying by Credit or Debit Card for a 24 hour response, please include the Card Issuer (visa-mc-etc.) / Card #Expiration date 

Your Credit/Debit Card will be charged the $49.95 fee per subject and whether or not a criminal record exists.  By your submission you acknowledge and understand the criteria and authorize our charge on your Credit/Debit Card.

​                        We take these searches very seriously as we are licensed by the State of Florida:  License Numbers A1400284 & C1400549

​               Investigator Glenn Cooper is considered an expert in nationwide backgrounds as he has performed 100's across the United States.

Other states available upon request but a different fee may apply

 With a Florida Criminal Record Search you'll know who you are associating with... who is around your children... who are you hiring... who are you renting too​

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